Price Matching Policy:

If you find a lower price somewhere else on a new identical item, please show us where you found it and we will be glad to check out the source that you provided. To approve the price matching it must follow our guideline policies:

  • Items being price must match with the identical items. The product must have the same brand name, identical part number, options, and etc…
  • Competitor’s store must be located and operate within United States and must display a legitimate company address on their website.
  • The price matched item(s) must be available, in stock, and ready for delivery at the competitor location
  • Approved price matches will surpass over any current event specials coupons or discounts. Example, Free shipping, group buy coupon, and etc…
  • All item(s) that are requested to be price matched with other competitors must be brand new. We cannot price match used, refurbished, or clearance item(s).
  • We cannot price match item(s) on auction sites or personal classified ads i.e. Facebook Classified, Craigslist, Ebay, or Amazon.
  • Item(s) cannot be price matched after an order has been placed and the cancellation period for that relative item has expired.