93-98 Toyota Supra (N/A & Turbo)

GFB 93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo Deceptor Pro II Blow Off Valve - 20mm Inlet/20mm Outlet

353.25 471.00

Part Number: gfbT9520

Description: Deceptor Pro II BOV

Color: Black

Notes: Fits only 93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo; Requires Mod to OEM Hose


Blow-off Valves Deceptor Pro II - Now you can control the sound of the BOV from inside the cabin!

*So how much more can you do with a blow-off valve?* *Well, the Deceptor Pro II takes the ‘Respons’ concept even further...* * Adjust your BOV venting bias electronically on-the-fly * Revised porting to optimise flow and venting bias * Compact design fits in most factory valve locations * Direct bolt on for many vehicles * New bore finishing process ensures a lifetime of reliable operation

*Deceptor Pro II features*

Direct bolt-on for most vehicles available: * Remote proportional venting bias/volume control- from silent to loud or anywhere in between * Sleek, compact in-car BOV volume controller with backlit dial * End point adjustment to control maximum vent to atmosphere bias setting * Volume adjustment mechanism driven by a high-torque geared electric motor * Durable, low-friction ger train supported by precision sealed ball-bearing * Supplied with all parts and wiring required to have it up and running quickly and easily

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