93-98 Toyota Supra (N/A & Turbo)

Cusco Sway Bar 22mm Rear 2-Way Adjustable 93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo & N/A

264.60 294.00

Part Number: cus164 311 BJ22

Description: Sway Bar

Position: Rear

Size: 22mm

Notes: Fits 93-98 Toyota Supra both N/A and Turbo


Cusco’s Sway Bars are available for most applications on the front or rear of the vehicle. Reducing body roll during hard cornering is not the only feature that can be increased with these. Depending on the particular size and position of the sway bar, oversteer and understeer can be modified. Available in adjustable and non-adjustable with varying diameter sizes, Cusco offers many different options to suit your driving needs. Painted in Cusco blue these Sway Bars are direct bolt-on with all the necessary hardware

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