93-98 Toyota Supra (N/A & Turbo)

Cometic Street Pro Toyota 93-98 Toyota Supra 2JZ-GE NON-TURBO 3.0L Inline 6 87mm Top End Kit

334.26 359.42

Part Number: cgPRO2021T

Description: Top End Gasket Kit

Aspiration: NON-TURBO

Bore Diameter: 87mm

Engine: Toyota 93-98 2JZ-GE NON-TURBO 3.0L 24v

Notes: Fits only 93-98 Toyota Supra Non-Turbo


Cometic Gasket introduces the new StreetPro gasket kit line for the Import Automotive Market. StreetPro gasket kits offer the same unparalleled Cometic sealing technology, used in championship winning race cars around the world, in an affordable package.

StreetPro kits are sold separately as top and bottom end rebuild kits. In the top end kit you’ll find everything you need for a head change, from the MLS head gaskets up to the induction gaskets. The bottom end (or conversion kit) will have everything you need to rebuild from the oil pan to the timing cover. Ordering the two kits together will give you every gasket and seal required for a complete rebuild of the motor from top to bottom.

*StreetPro Top End Kits include:* * MLS head gasket * Intake gaskets with manifold end seals * Exhaust manifold gaskets * EGR gaskets (as needed) * Valve cover gaskets * Distributor gaskets * Carburetor gaskets * Air cleaner gaskets * Thermostat housing gasket * Intake and exhaust valve stem seals * Throttle body gaskets (as needed)

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