Motul Gear 300 Synthetic 75W-90


Motul Gear 300 Synthetic 75W-90

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Part Number: mot105777
Notes: Gear 300; 100% Synthetic Ester; 75W90
Manufacturer: MOTUL
Size: 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
Product Category: Transmission Fluid


MOTUL Gear 300 is a 100% synthetic lubricant for gearboxes and axles Specially developed for competition cars: racing circuit, rallies, endurance trials. In all types of cars, under all conditions of use, this oil has proved its qualities and resistance to extreme pressures. Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-froth. Its extremely high lubricating power reduces friction. Lubricant for gearboxes and axles, specially developed for competition cars - racing circuit, rallies, endurance trials and more.

SAE 75W-90 / API GL4 and GL 5/MIL-L-2105D

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