93-98 Toyota Supra (N/A & Turbo)

K1 Technologies 5.590 93-98 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE H-Beam Billet Connecting Rods - Set of 6


Part Number: k1041DJ17142

Description: H-Beam Connecting Rod; Matched Set of Rods; w/ ARP 2000 Bolts (BT61601-2)

Housing Bore: 55

PE Width: 25.4

Length: 142.0mm

Gram Weight: 562

Bolt Size: 3/8in

BE Width: 25.88

Pin Diameter: 22 mm

Notes: Fits only 93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo


K1 Technologies connecting rods offer world-class performance at an affordable price. Our race-ready connecting rods are made from 4340 forged steel, use premium bushing material and are hand finished in the USA. K1’s Engineering Team has decades of experience designing components for professional racing engines and designs each rod for demanding race applications. Don’t trust your engine to anything but K1 Rods!

*FEATURES* * *4340 Forged Steel* - Strength, toughness and resistance to impact * *Proprietary ARP Bolts* - Asymmetrical threads * *Pin oiling* - Extra lubrication to minimize pin wear * *Heavy Radii* - Minimizes clearance without focusing stress in tight radii * *Thicker Blades* - Minimizes outward bowing at peak combustion pressure * *Rod Offset* - Center small end to bore center optimizes horsepower * **+ / -.000050 (50 millionths) tolerance on big end housing bore** - Longer bearing life * *High tolerance center to center length (< .001”)* - Increased horsepower and efficiency * *Specifically engineered for demanding race applications* - Strength for high horsepower applications while keeping

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