HKS Super SQV4 BOV 08-14 Subaru STI

HKS Super SQV4 BOV 08-14 Subaru STI

361.20 420.00

Part Number: 71008-AF013V

Fitment: 08-14 Subaru STI


HKS valve is the most unique and sought after. Utilizing a pull type relief valve design along with the internal design of the valve, the more boost you run, the tighter the valve seals. With a small primary valve that opens first when you let off the gas, followed by a large secondary valve, it gives one of the most unique and copied sound in the industry.

Made from ultra-high quality aluminum, along with the highest quality components on the market, this valve is not only deigned to withstand ultra-high boost, but it is built to last a lifetime. Easy to install and the kit will come with everything you need, HKS wants to make sure your Subaru will be back on the road in no time.

Kit includes the HKS Suction Return Hose Kit to allow installation as a recirclation valve.

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